It's magic Feather earrings

500 SEK

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

At Artzy, we design and craft jewelry out of feathers, beads, leather and crystals. Feather earrings are our particular specialty: every design is unique and no two pairs are the same. Every earring is made with love. We at Artzy put a lot of time into each piece, using carefully selected high quality materials. Our inspiration comes from the colors and shapes of nature, striving to create varied and distinct pieces everybody can enjoy.


This listing is for the exact earrings pictured above. Ready to ship!  

  • 35 centimeters / 13,8 inches long
  • Hooks in 925 sterling silver
  • Rooster and pheasant feathers
  • Natural colored feathers
  • Clip-on hook are available!